Ise Theatre Troupe Culture. Creativity. Perfection.

Africa’s No 1 Theatre Company


To become a world class theatre troupe and beacon of African entertainment.


To make the world aware of the richness of the Edo Culture and heritage through entertaining dances and songs. To put smiles and laughter on our clients' faces and happiness in their guests' hearts through energetic dance choreography performances.


Ise Theatre Troupe is a leading African theatre company based in Benin, Nigeria. It was founded in 2011 by Nigerian-Canadian Celebrity Sandra Idubor. The company's mandate is to promote and preserve the rich Edo culture through choreography and dance dramas. Since it debuted at a carnival in May 2011, the troupe has performed at several social events across Nigeria.

First things first, take these words to heart: “Art is the language we speak. The air we breathe. The blood which flows through our veins.”

At Ise Theatre Troupe we exist for the purpose of promoting the rich African (Edo) culture across the world. Founded in 2011, we are a dance choreography group with a presence in Nigeria and Canada. We are a team of experienced and talented dancers, singers and instrumentalists who are versed in the Edo traditions and values. Ise Theatre Troupe is led by Nigerian-Canadian celebrity, Sandra Idubor, an international dance choreographer and multi-dimensional artist with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment business.